Legal Information


LYMERIA D.O.O., Croatian limited liability company

Headquarter : Nova Cesta 8, 10434 Strmec – CROATIA

Initial capital of 20.000,00 HRK,
Registered with the Register of Commerce of Zagreb under n° 081113256,
VAT identification number:: HR 78238893202

Tel :+ 385 99 6510 970
Email :

Director : Yoonseo Cho Popovic, as Lymeria CEO

Pheon® is a registered trademark under trademark number 017949353.

The Lymeria Company, which manufactures and markets high-end cosmetic products, has established this site. Except for this authorized site, all information about Lymeria products and the Lymeria and Pheon trademark that may appear on the Internet is being disseminated without the consent of the Lymeria Company. Lymeria products are sold only within the framework of a selective distribution network by approved sales outlets and the company. Lymeria is the sole and single holder of the intellectual property rights pertaining to the Lymeria’s Pheon products and trademark. Only this network is authorized to disseminate and communicate information about the Lymeria products and trademark. Any sale, advertising, promotion, and more generally any use or total or partial reproduction of any of the items appearing on this site requires Lymeria’s advance written consent. In the event of violation of this clause, Lymeria may bring any legal action to put a stop to the infringements of those rights. Lymeria products are sold only through a network of approved sales outlets and are not sold over the Internet except with Lymeria’s own web store. 


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Last update : December 2018