Pheon cream is not an ordinary cream

And why is it different?

1. Scent: You will notice that it has unique distinctive herbal scent of Immortelle, (blended with the low note of Boswellia) since Immortelle is present in high amount. No artificial scent, it is 100% natural.

2. Texture: When you apply Pheon cream it may stay white on your skin for some seconds then it will quickly soak under your skin and start working. It is perfectly normal. We didn’t want to sacrifice quality for some marketing quirks and we wanted to give you the real thing.

3. If possible use it alone: It is recommended that you use Pheon alone, if possible. For maximum effectiveness you can use Pheon toner, Pheon serum then Pheon cream, they are designed to work together in harmony. Using it alone, you might see multifaceted characteristics of the Pheon cream for yourself.

4. Rare (and truly precious): Pheon doesn’t contain common extracts but only pure first grade luxurious and rare essential oils.

Finally, use Pheon every day, it will reward your skin a lot.